Virtual Credit Cards For Safer Online Shopping

Our Virtual Credit Cards allow you to verify your PayPal,Alertpay,Moneybookers, eBay accounts and to activate your Google Adwords account.

If you are looking for safer online shopping you may want to consider a virtual credit card. It takes away a lot of the risk of personal information and credit card numbers falling into the hands of thieves.

A virtual credit card offers you the option of shopping online with a disposable credit card number that are single-use credit card numbers.

The security benefit of using a virtual credit card for online shopping is your normal bank account is not affected if an online scam artist happens to get your account number.

There's no value to hackers because you use a different, random card number every time you shop online. A virtual credit card number is only good on the Web site where you made your purchase.If you are interested in My Payment Savvy you need to see this

With identity theft and email phising scams rising at an alarming level it's a good way to keep your sensitive information private. Even if a scammer does somehow acquire your virtual credit card number, the disposable credit card number expires quickly so it's not an ideal target for them.

MasterCard calls them MasterCard gift cards and Visa calls them virtual Visa gift cards. You can use them anywhere MasterCard and Visa are accepted.

There are some instances when paying with a virtual credit card won't work. You can't pick up theater tickets; confirm airline, hotel or rental car reservations with a virtual credit card. These credit card numbers don't exist off the Web so they don't work for these things.

But if you are using the disposable credit card numbers for buying products online the security benefits are well worth it. If you are looking for safer online shopping consider a virtual credit card.